Learning How to Play The Game of Blackjack

Available in almost all the online casinos and in the land based casinos across the different countries, blackjack is perhaps one of the most played games amongst the different casino games. For those who are still not experts in playing the game and are in the process of learning, here is a quick guide on how to play blackjack.A game of blackjack involves several players; however, the players do not play against each other but against the dealer. The main aim of the players in blackjack is to make such a hand whose combined value will be as close to twenty one as possible and will also be more than that of the dealer’s hand. However, the player should be careful and make sure the hand value does not exceed twenty one because if it does, he will be out.The hand value in blackjack is determined by adding the individual values of the cards forming the blackjack hand. In blackjack, the face cards are worth ten points and the different numbered cards are worth the numbers. Ace is considered an important card in a game of blackjack; its value can be either one or eleven, depending on the kind of hand the player has. In blackjack, the two card hand consisting of an Ace and a ten point card is considered the best as it has a value of exactly twenty one.The game begins when the players have placed their bets; in blackjack before dealing the cards, the bets have to be placed. In blackjack each of the players are dealt two cards which are kept faced up. The dealer himself has two cards one of which is kept faced up while the other faced down. At this stage the players have to decide whether they will ‘stand’ or ‘hit’. To ‘hit’ means to be dealt another additional card; this is done when the player wants to increase his hand value. Generally if the hand value of a player is less than 16, the player opts for another additional card. However, the player has to be very careful as to not to go over twenty one when hitting. On the other hand ‘stand’ means to be satisfied with the dealt hand.After the players have made their decision, the dealer shows the faced down card. If the player’s hand value is more than that of the dealers without going over 21, then the player is paid 1:1; however, if the player gets a blackjack the payout is 3:2.